Plough Blades

In 1930 the first abrasion resistant wear steel for snow clearing was produced in the village of Eneryda, Sweden. From the beginning the plough blades were tempered. Through process development and improved material analysis, we now have an extensive range of plough blades heat treated to 500 or 600 Brinell.

This development has helped the Swedish road authorities to improve their productivity through a much increased lifespan of the plough blades and easy handling when changing the blades.

Most of the products are based on the Scandinavian system with wedge/wedge bolt and mounting adaptor plate in combination with thin blades.

By creating small contact surface with the correct angle and a very low blade pressure the removal rate and the machines manoeuverability increases. This leads to reduced fuel consumtion. The system offers an optimal economy for the contractor.

Borox plough blades are specifically suited for gravel grading.


Flat Edges

The multi-purpose steel for all ploughing and grading. Borox flat edges are made for the majority of the commercially available machines and equipment. In order to provide quick service throughout the year our standard edges are held in stock. Hardness is 500 Brinell. Through research and process development we can also offer flat edges in 600 Brinell.

In order to enable the manufacture of an improved abrasion resistant steel, with negligible cracking tendency, the steel analysis and the tempering process have been systematically developed. Steel in 600 Brinell hardness provides up to 40 % longer tool life compared to conventional steel. Most flat edges are available with returned ends.

Edges with Curved End, reversible

The multi-purpose steel for all snow ploughing and grading. Borox flat edges with curved ends are made for the majority of commercially available machines and equipment. The steel are bent at one end to provide protection to the outer surface of the plow.

Ice Scraper BX500

Borox has now taken the step to become a complete supplier of winter steel by developing Ice Scraper BX500. Ice Scraper BX500 is a further development of the common perforated edges on the market. Ice scraper BX500 is self-sharpening and fits most graders and ploughs on the market. After processing BX500 leaves a rough road surface with grooves, which retain the salt and sand in an efficient manner. This reduces salt consumption and improves the de-icing operation. BX500 is available in three widths; 180, 240 and 300 mm, most lengths and thickness 10 mm.

Ice Scraper BX500 returned ends

General steel for winter roads with compact snow and ice. Ice Scraper BX500 is a further development of the common perforated steel on the market. Edges for tough conditions, for both ice and packed summer roads. The steel is bent at one end to provide protection to the outer side of the plow blade.

Ice Scraper BX500R - rubber coated

Ice Scraper BX500R has the same unique properties as BX500. It provides a rough road surface with grooves and leaves salt and sand on the roadway, the same way as BX500, providing BX500 with a lining of rubber, snow and ice are effectively prevented from penetrating the perforated holes.

Ice Scraper serrated blade

For tough ice or snow use Borox serrated blade Ice Scraper. The serrated blade Ice Scraper works well on icy roadways. This processing ensures a very good road holding surface. The serrated blade is available in a variety of versions. Curved or flat with rolled sharp profiles, or flat not beveled, providing the contractor with a number of options.

Holder for Pins - System BX2000

System 2000 works as a drill. The carbide pins rotate easily to collect the material and the material is ground between the pins. The pins work their way down in to the material with a small contact surface and this makes the grader easy to manoeuver. The pins are produced with a large hard metal tip and easy to replace. The size of the tip determines the life span. System BX2000 is available as standard with 25 degrees angle and also with 45 degrees angle for attachment to the truck.

Carbide Pins to System BX2000

Borox carbide pins are supplied by leading manufacturers ensuring the highest quality. The pins are tested to the Swedish system and comply with environmental conditions.

Flat Carbide Edges

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The multi-purpose steel for all ploughing and grading. Borox flat carbide edges are manufactured for the majority of commercially available machines and equipment. In order to provide quick service, both summer and wintertime, our standard edges are normally in stock. The edges are reinforced with carbide to provide long life.

Adapter Plates and Accessories

There are various accessories for ploughing and road planning in the Borox product range. For example, repair kit and mounting adaptor plates for easy handling when changing the plough blades. The Scandinavian system makes it possible to use Borox plough blades on all types of ploughs and graders. The adaptor plate is bolted to the moldboard and the plough blades are secured with a wedge and a wedge bolt, which means that you can easily switch to new blades or reverse the existing blade.


Borox manufacture blades for most of the ploughs on the market.

Bolt and Nuts Plough Blades

Borox have a range of high quality bolts and nuts on stock.

Grader Blade

The curved Grader Blade is used extensively in the construction and earthmoving industries. The standard Grader Blade is available in 203 mm wide, 19 mm thick, in lengths of 1828 mm (6 feet) and 2134 mm (7 feet).