Borox – In the front line

Borox wear parts are used wherever maximum abrasion resistance and the longest possible useful life are essential. Applications include all types of ground engaging machinery.

The Borox range of wear parts is the most extensive in the market and is well suited to all applications and machine types. We can also produce non-standard edges to customer specification.

Borox 500 is used when maximum abrasion resistance is needed.

Some products are also availble in BOROX 400.


Cutting Edges

Borox Cutting Edges are used in the front of loader and excavator buckets. Standard sizes available in thicknesses from 12-60 mm, widths of 100-500 mm and in the most usable lengths. The standard lengths of 3050 mm and 6100 mm are available from stock. Cut to length dimensions are available upon request.

Wear Strips

Borox Wear strips are used in a number of applications. They are used on buckets to increase the life of the bucket. The standard range is available in thicknesses from 10-30 mm, widths from 80-200 mm and lengths of 3050 mm and 6100 mm. Other dimensions are available upon request.

Base Edges

Borox base edges are used in the front of buckets together with bolt-on edges or segments and are delivered to a number of OEM's. They are cut to length and drilled to customer specification. Standard lengths and dimensions are available from stock. Contact our sales staff for all other enquiries.

For further information please contact our sales organization.

Bolt-On Edges and Segments

Borox Bolt-On Edges and Segments are used in combination with base edges. They are bolted onto the base edge and increase the life of the bucket. Bolt-On Edges and Segments are reversible, which means that you can maximize the edge before they need replacing.

This programme also includes 6 meter lengths with 6 " hole centre’s, suitable for base edges for most major OEM’s. We offer these Bolt-on edges in thicknesses from 16-40 mm and in widths from 150-400 mm. Hole dimensions available from 5 / 8 " to 1 ¼". Other dimensions are available upon request.

Wear Plate

Borox Wear Plates are bolted to the underside of the bucket and are easily replaced to provided added protection and extend wear life.

Profiled Cutting Edges

Borox Profiled Cutting Edges are used for added protection of the base edge. They are either bolted or welded on to the base edge. The half arrow edges are also used as side cutters on bucket and also on bucket repairs. Half arrow edges are available in thickness from 11 to 40 mm and a width from 101 to 254 mm.

Grouser Bars

Borox Grouser Bars are used in the Screening and Crushing Production as grid bars. They are also used in Track Shoe repair. Grouser bars are available in height 24-75 mm and width of 16-45 mm.

Trapezoidal and Spade Blade Cutting Edges

Borox manufactures a wide range of trapezoidal and spade cutting edges for loader and excavator buckets. Contact our sales staff for quotation.

Bolt and Nuts Wear Parts

Borox stock a wide range of high quality bolts and nuts.