BOROX® plow blade program is permeated with the same quality and care as all our products. Only high quality raw materials from Nordic steel suppliers are used.

As standard we use our high-quality BOROX® 500HB steel. The composition and heat treatment of the steel are optimized for the best wear resistance. We do all processing such as drilling, punching and cutting before the heat treatment. This minimizes the risk of lost hardness due to gas cut edges and BOROX® steel becomes hard from edge to edge. 

The wide range of BOROX® products ensures that we have the right product for most kind of surfaces and applications. We have everything from standardized edges to advanced and innovative products suitable for the most demanding road conditions.

On this website we show a selection of our product range. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us. We also produce customized products according to your needs.  

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Most of BOROX® plow blades are based on the Scandinavian system of wedge/wedge bolt and adapter plate. 

Small contact surface with a correct angle, increases the wear life and reduces the fuel consumption. In addition, the adapter plate allows you to make maximum use of the steel and reduce waste.

The standard material for many BOROX® products is our well-known 500 brinell steel, BOROX® 500HB.

For demanding applications we can also offer BOROX® 550HB and BOROX® 600HB materials. For the best wear life.

Our production process where we do all processing such as drilling, punching and cutting before the heat treatment, makes BOROX® products hard from edge to edge, with no soft spots.

No risk of soft spots due to gas cut edges or similar.


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