Quality and sustainability

High quality and sustainability are very important to us. We are convinced that a sustainable production is the only way forward. Below you can read about what we are doing to produce in a more environmentally friendly way and maintain our high quality.


Our goal is to deliver products of the right quality, on the right time. To ensure this, we only use high-quality raw material with narrow tolerances on the steel composition. Our production process, where we cut, punch and drill before the heat treatment, ensures that our products have the promised hardness from edge to edge, without soft spots from gas cutting etc. This creates products with longer wear resistance and by that lower costs for you as a customer. We know wear resistance.

With our long experience and expertise, we can ensure innovative and economically efficient solutions for every business. We value a good dialogue with our customers, where we together can create a long-term and successful cooperation.

Several of the largest bucket manufacturers buy their wear parts from us and that makes us very proud. It's a proof of our high quality products and our great customer service.


We are continuously working on reducing our climate impact, both through right procurement and continuous improvements in our production and supply chain. We are convinced that a sustainable operation is the only way forward, which is why we consider laws and regulations as a minimum requirement.

Here we list some examples of what we are doing to reduce our climate impact.

  • - About 60% of our raw material is made from recycled steel and has a carbon footprint that is 80% lower than the global average.
  1. - We are working to minimize waste and scrap through effective production planning and optimization. The scrap that cannot be used in our production is recycled. When recycled, it will be turned into new raw material.
    • - In 2023, we installed solar panels on an area of about 4 450 square meters in Eneryda. They will generate about 800,000 kwh per year, which is about half of our annual electricity consumption.
    • - The excess heat from our furnaces in Eneryda is converted to hydronic heat and used to heat our premises.

Contact us if you want to read our sustainability report.  


  • Borox International's environmental management system has been certified to ISO 14001:2015 since year 2000. This gives us a good tool to improve and measure our environmental performance.
  • Our quality management system (QMS) is also certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. This ensures that we work systematically and in a structured way to ensure the quality of our production.