Customized product

Customized products are one of our greatest strengths. Thanks to our long experience, solid knowledge and above all, our desire to find new innovative solutions, we have the best possibility to help our customers create new products. It can be anything from a new type of hammer for a crusher or a four meter long base edge to a 70 mm thick spade nose edge.

What we need from you is a drawing, or a specification of what type of product it is, dimensions, hole pattern, desired quality, surface treatment and how many pieces you are interested in. See the different specifications we need further down the page. After we have received all the information, we will return with a drawing and a quote for your approval.

How to get a quote for a customized wear part or product?

  1. Drawing or specifications

    Please send us a drawing or a sketch of the product you want us to produce. If you do not have the opportunity to send a drawing, you can just describe to us what type of product you need and what specifications you want. Below are the various specifications we need to know.

  2. Type of product

    Describe what type of product it is, such as wear strips, base edges, serrated edges, grader blades or grouser bars. Feel free to be inspired by all our products under each product category; Loading and digging for wear parts for buckets, Road maintenance for wear parts for graders and plows and Crushers & recycling for wear parts and hammers for crushers.

  3. Dimensions

    We need all dimensions such as length, width, thickness and the bevel degree, if any.

  4. Hole pattern

    Specify the hole size (for which bolt), the hole spacing and the distance from the edge to the first hole.

  5. Material/quality

    Specify what hardness you want, 400HB, 500HB, 550HB or 600HB.

  6. Surface treatment, if any

    Specify whether you want the steel blasted, painted or with a water-based short-term corrosion protection, Temp Coat. This helps prevent rust on blasted surfaces and does not need to be removed before welding.

  7. Quantity

    Specify how many pieces you want. The price will be better if we can base it on the economic order quantity, EOQ.

  8. Quotation and drawing

    We will get back to you with a quote and an estimated delivery time. If you find this interesting, we will send you a drawing for your approval and then we start to plan the production.